The wisdom of today is about respect

Respect is important, those who are cultivating respect in their own lives, see the world in a different way.  This way, you make your place in society more valuable as you are aware where to bring services in society on the right place.

Do you recognize this in your life? Do you dare to make a change in life and work situation or are you still afraid/not ready to step forward?

I guess, as soon as you trust universe, the process as soon as you are aware of your qualities, you are able to make the right decisions because it is no decision anymore you just feel you are doing right.

We moved to another place and I decided to change my yoga schedule rigorous – not everyone of you is happy with this move but I feel I need to do this.

Just trust the process and you will find your way. And if you don’t trust yours, start meditating daily. I offer half hours online please join.

Of course I am aware meditation is not the right way for every one, if you are for example restless, you better choose another way of going inside, maybe being creative or sporting is then a better option. 

Enjoy your day, Marie-José