Abhyanga is believed to help all the systems of the body, while increasing strength and flexibility of muscles and joints. It is also a natural and chemical free way to encourage youthfulness and improve the quality of the skin and hair.

– better circulation throughout the body
– reducing pain and inflammation
– encourages elimination of toxins 
– keeps body soft and smooth
– increases strength of bones and muscles
– helps tone the tissues of the body
– improves immunity and tolerance
– deeper sleep
– decreases symptoms of fatigue

As soon as a decent Ayurvedic massage therapist offers you an abhyanga, this will bring extra prana in your body. A therapist will use special oils, most of the times called ’tailas’ which means the base ingredient is sesame oil with lots of other herbs. This brings an identical effect as a medicine without synthetic components.

Another very important component is the sun!

Siro-abhyanga is included: massaging your head with this special ’taila’. Although I recommend this! Your hair will shine, it will calm you mind and stimulates positive thinking.

Abhyanga: € 75,00 (75 minutes, Siro-Abhyanga included)



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